Letter From the Community


It is not enough to just change a profile picture or banner or cover letter to support Black people.

It is not enough to copy/paste posts from fellow Black and White friends in the hopes to get a “passing grade” from combating White Supremacy.

It is not enough to only check in one your Black friends during times of Racial tension.

I guess you assume that the only time there is racial tension is when you see it on TV and hear it on the news?

What about the microaggressions that Black people live through daily? Do you participate in those jokes? Do you laugh along with your friends?

What about those times where you witness racist words from your family and friends? Do you address them, and immediately correct?

How do you protect and empower Black people? Do you stand in front of them at protests? Do you donate goods and monies to organizations feeding the frontlines?

How do you educate yourself about White Supremacy, White Fragility, Anti-Racism, Institutional Racism, Institutionalized Discrimination? What books have you read? What movies, documentaries, articles? Do you even know the definitions of these terminologies?

The Justice system was created to enable and arm White Supremacy to deliver brutality to Black people with no intent on making the 13th Amendment a reality. (Read: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Watch: The 13th by Ava DuVernay on Netflix )

The police department is just an evolved form of Slave Catching, protecting and serving White people and their property, property being the labor of Black people. There is a reason why they are not considered social services, but an authoritarian regime. There is no need to consider police when other services are available that bring about empowering outcomes.

Defund police to Dismantle White Supremacy.

Defunding police departments to fund social services and mental health services and the education system is another way to bring about social and economic change that empowers Black people.

You should not want to reform a White Supremacist infused justice system. You should want to abolish it. Abruptly depart from systems that evolved slavery.

#BlackLivesMatter because until we are not objectified as an economic commodity to white people, our lives will continue to be disposable in the eyes of those who hold the power of life and death in their hands in this country.

Black Lives Matter because we deserve experiences Black Boy Joy and Black Girl Magic. We should not have to constantly fight with cultural appropriation and co-optation of our ideals, inventions, and works.

Black Lives Matter because Black Mother shouldn’t have to bury their children and Black Fathers shouldn’t have to beg to breathe.

Are you helping Black Organizers empower their communities? Are you asking how you can help behind the scenes, to amplify their voices, to repurpose your social and political networks to bring about change for Black people?

Are you affirming and celebrating Trans people? Do you tell them that they matter and that their existence is of upmost importance to you? Do you say the names of Black Trans persons that are murdered continuously as they fight for visibility and freedom- their identities a death sentence?

Black Lives Matter because Patriarchy tells Black Women that they must work twice as hard in the home and at work and at school receiving bare minimum of what they deserve.

Black Lives Matter because Patriarchy enables stereotypes and social norms that place Black Women in constant state of resilience and perseverance even though their brilliance is not taken serious.

How do you help Black Women rest? How do you help Black Women obtain leadership roles that many are even over qualified for? How do you help Black Women rest? How do you help Black Women support their families? How do you help Black Women rest? Why is it a priority to congratulate them on exhausting themselves despite your ability for mediocrity to be acceptable?

Do you help Black Women rest?

Black Lives Matter because we deserve peace, we deserve tranquility, we deserve our own spaces to affirm and validate and celebrate. Black Lives Matter because our existence is a direct threat to White Supremacy and all the institutions and policies and procedures that it upholds and empowers.

Do you call out those who tone police? Do you encourage others to repriotize Black people over looted property?

Do you tell your people that #ALLLIVESMATTER details and dismisses Black Voices and their struggle?

Do you tell them it’s time to center Black Voices and elevate their platform and causes so to dismantle White Supremacy and Empower Blackness?

I stand firmly against racism and transphobia and anything that doesn’t disrupt the status quo of White Supremacy and its vigilantes.

None of us are free until all of us are free.

You don’t pick and choose which marginalized populace and which oppression deserves liberating. Everyone deserves liberty and justice.

If this doesn’t make clear, for you, my position on being anti-racist and being Pro Black- you are unsafe for me. You are not someone that I can share space with. Ever.

If you can’t create the time to educate yourself so that your existence isn’t a threat to my life- then you have more work to do.

Do the work. Do the hard work. Educate then apply the education you give yourself. Don’t be an ally, be an accomplice. Be an active participant.

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #BeAPartofTheResistance #DismantleWhiteSupremacy #DefundThePolice #FundSocialServices #FundEducation

Tyesha Best

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